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Repodcasting 77 - Pride and Prejudice Episode 77

Repodcasting 77 - Pride and Prejudice

· 38:34

Repodcasting is back with a new episode and a new guest! Elyse Bouvier (@elysebouvier) joins Lucia to recast Repodcasting’s second Jane Austen movie: 2005’s Pride & Prejudice. Please send your miscast movie suggestions to repodcasting@gmail.com. Facebook and Instagram: repodcasting

Creators and Guests

Lucia Juliao
Lucia Juliao
Each month, Lucia and a guest cohost recast popular movies!
Elyse Bouvier (she/her)
Left this hellscape and now I'm back. Leftist, anti-capitalist, artist, photographer, enjoyer of food. Hello!groovybouvie@ohai.social on Mastadon.


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